About us

We are certified with IOFGA as fully accredited Organic producers. At Kilbrack Farm we use only natural on-farm soil amendments, traditional organic farming practices and always pick produce fresh for orders.

Our cattle and sheep graze lush south facing organic pastures. The meat we produce is high quality, butchered locally and care is taken every step of the way to ensure we deliver a premium product. 

We fatten a small flock of 70 geese for the Christmas market and orders can be placed by phone or email. These birds spend their time outside grazing our orchards and are fattened on grain, apples and potatoes.

Apple juice is one of our favourite products and is available all year round. Delicious and natural it is 100% pressed juice from a blend of 8 varieties of traditional apples.

We proudly supply top quality restaurants in Cork City, East and North Cork and attend our weekly farmer's market in the Coal Quay, Cork City Centre. These include Ballymaloe House and Café, Longueville House, Jacques, Greenes, Issacs, Cork Opera House, Crawford Art Gallery Cafe, The Rocketman, Peppers and The Cornstore.